TweetAttacks - Super Boost Your Twitter Followers

TweetAttacks is another product I've been trialling with one of my Twitter accounts.

It is a speedy way of gathering and interacting with huge numbers of Twitter followers, which can then be used to monetise your Twitter feed.

The software, which is very simple to install, can be used to boost your Twitter audience by increasing your followers. It does this by auto-following the followers of different Twitter users, safe in the knowledge most of them will follow you back out of courtesy. The full package also allows you to auto-generate Tweets, post pre-scheduled Tweets and interact with other Twitter users in a human manner.

It comes with regular email support, which gives you the latest insider advice about using Tweet Attacks to the max without falling foul of Twitter rules. After slowly building your Twitter followers by auto-following hundreds or even thousands of different people a day Tweet Attacks cleverly allows you to auto-unfollow everyone not following you. There is also the option of protecting certain VIP followers from being automatically unfollowed, so you don't accidentally remove your most famous celebrity followers by mistake.

Once you have amassed a large audience of loyal followers you can easily monetise your Twitter feed by Tweeting targeted Amazon affiliate links or selling Tweets via Sponsored Tweets etc.

A summary of the key features is given in the video below:

A free trial version of the software is available on the TweetAttacks website even if you don't want to splash out on the full version. Just scroll down to the foot of the page and click on the free download link. Even using the free trial version I've been able to amass several hundred followers in the space of a few days.

Should you wish to harness the full power of TweetAttacks you can also purchase the full or lite versions from the TweetAttacks site.

Chitika - The PayPal AdSense Alternative

Continuing my online quest for the best AdSense alternatives I recently came across Chitika, which conveniently pays by PayPal on a monthly basis.

I suppose the nearest thing I can compare Chitika to is Amazon Associates. Their ad units typically display a small picture and some text related to the product they're advertising. Chitika ads are truly contextual, which means they are automatically related to the content of the page they're displayed on. This means it is far more likely that search engine referrals arriving on the page will find the ads of interest and click on them.

In the example below the visitor has arrived at the Chitika ads having been referred from Google with the search term "iPod Nano".

Just like AdSense a Chitika publisher earns a small amount everytime someone clicks an ad unit. The clicks of US, UK and Canadian site visitors typically earn in the region of 20-30 cents each, so with large traffic volume it's easy to make a good alternative income stream. Unlike AdSense, as I mentioned earlier, an option exists to have Chitika earnings paid into a PayPal account, which means publisher earnings are received in a faster and more convenient form. Something else to be aware of is that publisher stats aren't displayed in realtime, meaning you won't know your actual daily earnings until the following day. This allows Chitika time to verify the authenticity of each click, which is good for maintaining advertiser confidence in the quality of the service.

Chitika offers a range of attractive ad formats, which can be blended with the design of any website. Unlike some alternatives they also offer the ability to generate ad code that displays to mobile phone web surfers, meaning that stream of traffic can also be monetised. This could be particularly useful on news and current affairs sites, which receive a lot of mobile web visitors.

Preliminary indications are that Chitika is a very strong contender to be the best AdSense alternative out there, if you get a lot of clicking visitors from North America.

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Swagbucks Come Good

Well, it's been a while but I can finally report on my experiences of Swagbucks. I've been using them for a few searches a day for the last year or so.

I wrote about Swagbucks a while ago, explaining how this paid-to-search site worked and that I was going to try it out. It's not quite a replacement for the now-defunct MySearchFunds, which paid above the odds for every single search a user performed. That's probably why it's now defunct!

Swagbucks works along the same lines. A user installs the Swagbucks search bar, or bookmarks a Swagbucks search page personal to them. They use the search bar or page to search the web as they would normally and every so often they are rewarded with points called Swagbucks. These points can be cashed in for a range of items including electronic equipment, Amazon giftcards and PayPal funds.

It costs 700 Swagbucks for $5 PayPal funds. In my experience I earn Swagbucks every 4 or 5 searches, spaced evenly over the day. In the course of a day I can make 20 or 30 Swagbucks, so it would take around a month of use to make enough for $5 PayPal funds. Proof of payment below:

That doesn't seem much of a reward, but it's really $5 for nothing because you'd be searching anyway. What is good about Swagbucks is that you get the Swagbucks of everyone you refer. Refer 10 people who also make 700 Swagbucks a month and you've very quickly made $50 for not much effort at all.

I think I'll be sticking with it, because it has now proven to pay and it's no extra effort to search using Swagbucks instead of my regular search engine.

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Coffee at The Marketplace on Neil

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

The Ohio State University's Columbus campus has a ton of different places to go for food and drinks, but none quite like The Marketplace on Neil. Open extremely late every night, The Marketplace offers all of the drink recipes and food choices of larger chain coffee locations, but with the added comfort of a smaller, home-like setting.

Their Vanilla Chai is fantastic, as are the daily specialty drinks that change not only based on the day, but on the time of year, as well. Featured hot coffee drinks make a trip there during the winter worthwhile, and students and customers alike can relax in the building. Comfortable chairs and couches by the large fireplace offer ample space to complete homework, eat a meal, o! r just hang out with friends and classmates.

Though The Marketplace on Neil is located on South Campus, it is important to take the basic steps to protect your home - and yourself - before heading out to grab a quick cup of coffee or snack. Locking doors, setting a ADT ALARM, and using the buddy system are great ways to ensure that treating yourself won't result in a negative outcome. This little coffee shop is a great way to get out of the house or dorm room on a cold night, and gives students the opportunity to change their surroundings without going too far from home.