Quick Review: Inkers

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Inkers is one of the US's leading suppliers of printer ink, toner and consumables. As well as all the usual high street brands they have a large range of generic inks and toners to suit every budget. If you're feeling all nostalgic you can even get your fax consumables (whatever a fax is) from Inkers. Every ink and toner cartridge is guaranteed to be defect free for a whole year and even comes with a 30 day no questions asked return policy. Orders are usually dispatched the very same day and come with free land shipping to the US and Peurto Rico. Their telephone support line is available if you need any additional help with your order.

For more information on the inks and toners on sale at Inkers, visit their website.

Site Authentication

Whenever someone asks me about using AdSense on password protected pages I always say it's a bad idea. The reason for this is that only certain individuals will see those particular ads, meaning they'll be displayed to the same people over and over again. This increases the likelihood that the same few people will click the same few ads, which could cause problems with Google suspecting foul play.

Another problem with hiding your ads behind password protection is that the AdSense crawler can't read the page content correctly and consequently the ads are often poorly targeted. To get around this problem Google has just unveiled AdSense Site Authentication. Basically this allows publishers to provide AdSense with password information so that the crawler can 'unlock' protected pages and crawl the content effectively. To get the ball rolling just log in to your AdSense account, click on the 'AdSense Setup' tab and then the 'Site Authentication' link.

Read more about Site Authentication at Inside AdSense.

AdSense Toon Fun

I was exploring my regular haunt of the Digital Point forums when I came across these little cartoon gems. There's not much too them, but they sum up the feelings of a lot of AdSense publishers quite succinctly! Quite often the simplest of things can bring a wry smile and ray of sunshine to an otherwise dreary day. I can sympathise with the sentiments of the top cartoon - the new AdSense publisher seems to spend endless hours studying their account and waiting for that first elusive click. When it does eventually come it's often nothing to boast about. The lower cartoon highlights aptly the sense of achievement when the first AdSense check, often months in the making, finally lands on your doorstep. It's probably cost you far more in terms of time and effort but the elation of seeing that first $100 and knowing the potential that lies ahead is pretty much unbeatable in terms of pay per click.

These images come from the brand new Blog Toon site - it's certainly something to take a look at.

Round and Round and Round We Go

... where we stop nobody knows!

No, it's nothing to do with the song Pravado by Glassjaw - today we're talking rounded corners on AdSense for Content units. Just click the AdSense Setup tab in your account and you'll have access to square, slightly rounded or very rounded corners on your ad units - just the thing to soften up the appearance of your ads and hopefully get more clicks in the process.

Read more about rounded corners at Inside AdSense.