WidgetBucks Improves Referral Program

Online advertising company WidgetBucks has just announced changes to their referral program that should make publishers smile in these uncertain economic times.

From now on publishers will earn 15% of their new referrals' earnings for a year. This is up from the previous (miserly) 5% referral rate. Lots of small publishers (like me) make the majority of their income from cost-per-click (CPC) ads and referrals, so I'm pretty pleased with the new rules.

If you've got a large site I recommend now as the ideal time to try WidgetBucks and cash in on the generous referral program. CPC is still paying well too, with most of mine in the 20 cent range.

More details about WidgetBucks (including proof of payment) can be found in my earlier WidgetBucks review.