Ciao Surveys (Greenfield Online)

I've been using Ciao Surveys for a long time, so it amazes me that I haven't written about my experience of them.

Quite simply they're a winner.

If you're the sort of person who has a little spare time and gets enjoyment from completing surveys then Ciao is the ideal program for you. They'll also reward you with a small payment or competition entry for every survey you participate in.

How does Ciao work?
Ciao is a market research company - businesses pay them to gauge public opinion about consumer products, services and habits. They pass on a small proportion of this payment to willing volunteers - people like you and me - who help them by completing surveys on these different issues.

Once you've signed up to Ciao you'll be asked to complete a profile, which allows them to match you to the different research proposals on offer. If you're a close match they'll send you a survey. The more detailed your profile information the more likely they are to send you lots of surveys.

How does Ciao pay?

You usually earn £1-2 ($2-4) for successful completion of a Ciao survey. A survey typically requires about 15-20 minutes of effort on your part. Most surveys begin with a few screening questions to double check you're the right target audience. You only get rewarded if you complete the entire survey and this depends on your success at the screening questions. I estimate that I get rejected from about half of the surveys I'm invited to.

Payment is by PayPal. You can request payment once you've reached £5, which is after only 3 or 4 surveys.

How many surveys will I get?
I usually receive 2 or 3 survey invitations a day. Remember that I'll probably not get past the screening questions on at least one of them, but I'll probably be able to complete one of them too.

As I said earlier, the more detail you put into your profile the more survey invites (and potential earnings) you'll receive.

Does Ciao pay?
Well, yes it does. I have received money directly into my bank account from them (their PayPal payment option is fairly new). They're a well established company with a good reputation - try Googling them.

If you're the sort of person who enjoys completing surveys then Ciao is a pleasant and reliable way of earning a little extra cash. It probably won't make you a fortune, but will give you a nice little bonus once in a while.

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