How to Get Free Edu Backlinks

Something that always annoys me when I'm visiting Digital Point forums is the way some people like to sell links on sites that aren't theirs to sell.

I'm thinking particularly of people selling lists of .edu sites where you can obtain backlinks by leaving a comment. They aren't really selling links but rather information about how you can build your own.

Some of these sites have "dofollow" comments, which means a link obtained there has some PR juice. Backlinks from .edu domains are also highly prized because of the perception that Google finds them more trustworthy and gives them more weight.

Anyway, here's my tip for getting your free .edu backlinks:
  • Most people who sell these are chancers who have already capitalised on the information themselves.
  • Simply find someone who is selling a list of .edu sites and study their forum profile closely. They will probably have a link to one of their own sites either as their profile homepage or in their signature.
  • Take the URL of the chancer's site and plug it into the Online Utility backlink checker.
  • The backlink checker will show any .edu backlinks.
  • Visit those .edu pages and leave your own comments.
  • Sit back smuggly that you've got that information free of charge.
Try it yourself - it works!