WidgetBucks Finished

Mpire has announced that the WidgetBucks advertising program will cease operating from 10th March 2010.

WidgetBucks has been a good earner for AdSense4Dummies over the past couple of years, but I guess their generous $25 giveaways, high payment per click and current economic downturn has got the better of them.

Mpire say that they will pay out any account balances of $50 or more, but any account balances of less than that amount will be forfeited in accordance with the WidgetBucks program rules.

The following email was sent to WidgetBucks publishers:

Dear Widgetbucks Publisher,

This email is to inform you that Mpire Corporation, the parent company
of Widgetbucks, has made the decision to refocus resources outside of
the advertising network space. As such, the company will be
discontinuing support of the Widgetbucks publisher network. All
existing publisher accounts will be turned off effective Thursday, March
10, 2010.

Once your account is deactivated, you will no longer be able to access
your account statistics via the Widgetbucks.com portal. According to
section 6 (b) of the terms of service, located at
WidgetBucks - Terms of Use, Mpire will pay Publisher Payment,
subject to a minimum of U.S. $50.00. Account balances below the minimum
threshold of $50 are forfeited in accordance with Section 8;
Termination; of the terms of service.

All publishers with outstanding balances greater than $50.00 USD as of
March 10, 2010 will be paid out in full on March 15. Publishers with
balances less than $50 will forfeit the balance of their accounts.

We will follow up with an email with the balance of your account as of
closing of your account so that you are aware of the balance that will
be paid to you on March 15.

We truly appreciate you having been a member of the Widgetbucks Network
and wish you the best of luck in future endeavors.


Widgetbucks Publisher Team

Now for the nightmare of removing my WidgetBucks code from everywhere!