PR Update in Progress

Google is currently updating the toolbar PageRank values of different sites. PageRank (PR) is Google's measure of how important one site is compared to another.

Sadly the integrity of the entire PR concept has been brought into question by Google's penalisation of good sites - well known sites with lots of quality traffic and backlinks - just because they don't comply to the Google one-size-fits-all Webmaster Guidelines.

If your PR has increased this time congratulations, but take the result with a huge pinch of salt.

WidgetBucks $25 Bonus Weekend

You heard right - WidgetBucks are yet again offering their famous $25 sign up bonus to all publishers who sign up this weekend.

Once the publisher has accumulated $50 revenue they will credit the account with an additional $25, making the first payout a cool minimum of $75. Payment is available via PayPal (recommended) or check.

There's never been a better time to try WidgetBucks with their CPC/CPM country lists recently expanded to include most North American, European and Australasian nations. Remember that CPM traffic pays from a lot of other nations too.

You can learn more about WidgetBucks in my review article (includes links to proof of payment).

To make the most of this limited opportunity sign up to WidgetBucks now. Remember the $25 bonus is only available to publishers who sign up this weekend.

Earn $$ with WidgetBucks!

AdBrite Payment

In my previous review of AdBrite I wrote about what a steady earner it was and how it was a viable alternative to AdSense. Most of my earnings come from free Blogger blogs, proving that AdBrite works well with Blogger too.

What I neglected to do was include any proof of payment. To remedy that I have taken a photo of this month's payment check for $315.03 (click image to enlarge). The check was issued on 2nd September and arrived with me here in the UK on 14th September - quite a reasonable delivery time.

As you can see, AdBrite really can be an effective money maker. My only complaint remains their NET60 payment terms, which means payment isn't made until 60-days after the end of the month where the payout minimum is achieved.

If you're interested in AdBrite I recommend reading my AdBrite review and giving it a go.