AdBrite - A Well Paying Ad Network

I've been using AdBrite for quite a long time (say 8 months) but I've not been able to review them because I hadn't tested all of their services - until now that is. Last week I got an email from them saying I had sold an ad on my YouTube Karaoke blog. It's the first time I've managed to sell an ad directly using AdBrite - usually I display their network ads. AdBrite is a very good alternative to AdSense - it's what I normally recommend to anyone who has been banned from AdSense, but you can now use AdBrite alongside AdSense too.

For anyone who hasn't heard of AdBrite, it is program that allows you to sell link ads on your websites. Nothing unusual there you might think and you'd be right. What makes AdBrite different from something like Text Link Ads is that you can choose to display network ads at times when advertisers haven't bought any links directly from you.

Registration and Acceptance:
It is very easy to get accepted into AdBrite - simply complete the online application form, submit your site to the directory, place your ad code and away you go. They don't have any strict PageRank or traffic requirements like other programs. AdBrite is open to publishers from all over the world. One problem people encounter is that the application form asks for a US Social Security Number - being from the UK I don't have one of those, so I just left the space blank and have had no problems. I've heard other people say that they've just used the number '00000000' and this works too, although I can't confirm that.

Directly Purchased Ads:
After registering you can submit your sites to the online AdBrite directory. If an advertiser likes your site they might buy a link from you. You can price your own links, but I always select the automatic pricing because it's easier. You can also choose the duration of the ads you wish to sell.

Network Ads:
The network ads look very similar to AdSense for content units and AdBrite now offer inline ads too (shown in image above). The inline ads, which appear under keywords in your text, have a particularly good click thru rate. You get paid a small amount, typically 5 - 50 cents, for every click on a network ad. The image below shows a fairly typical day's earnings of 15 cents per click. Network ads aren't contextual, so they don't necessarily fit with the theme of your site. A lot of publishers choose to display network ads only - if you have regular traffic to your site you can make very good money from them.

Payment is on a NET-60 basis - this means the earnings in your account must be 60 days old before they are paid out. Payment is made by check in US Dollars, which is posted to your registered address. The minimum payout is USD $5, but if you're overseas it is recommended you wait until you have earned much more (say $100) - you will be charged a fee to convert the check to local currency when you pay it into the bank.

Earnings for a fairly typical AdBrite day.

One of my AdBrite payment checks - this one for $315.

AdBrite is a very good alternative to AdSense. Since January 2007 it is now possible to display AdBrite on the same pages as AdSense, as long as the competing ad formats don't look confusingly similar. If you want to earn a little extra money after being banned from AdSense then AdBrite is the program for you.

If you've found this review useful and wish to try AdBrite yourself please sign up and tell them we sent you by using our link below.


MZ said...

The information on your blog is so useful for me, because i just sign up with the AdBrite lst few days.

However, I wonder why my ads never shown in my site after I approved the ads in AdBrite. It is already a couple of days until now.

Hope you can kindly give me some idea of it. thanks

Tom said...

Thanks for your question mz.

You should, in theory, start seeing different network ads as soon as your ad zones are approved by AdBrite. Just hang in there and it'll happen soon!

Kemal said...

As I understand from your blog, Adbrite is a different sponsor programme from traditional programmes. Adbrite uses different codings, I wonder the effects of these codes on loading time of the site.
Do you have any opinion?

Tom said...

Thanks for your comment kemal.

It's not really different, no. You just insert a little piece of Javascript code into your site template and away you go. Displaying AdBrite ads doesn't, in my experience, slow your site down but what can happen occasionally is that the ads them self take a few seconds before they display.

Hope that provides the answer.

Laura Betts said...

While AdBrite may bring you lots of "traffic" do not expect conversions or any ROI. Their manner of listings is borderline fraudulent... Yes, they will show you a huge very detailed report tracking each any every site you paid for but you'll find no customer revenue or site sales from any of them. Lack of customer support and service only compound the issues. If you are looking to actually generate revenue for your business (as opposed to just paying lots of money for NOTHING) save your money and avoid AdBrite.

Tom said...

Thanks for commenting Laura. It's always nice to hear from the other side of the fence - you're obviously an advertiser with AdBrite.

My review above relates to my experiences solely as a publisher - on the whole, as the screenshot shows, it's a good money maker for me. I've never advertised with them, but I'll bear in mind your criticism if I ever need to.

Mr.MobPho said...

i think that texlinkads is also an alternative to adsense or other monetize websites.

Java Made Easy ! said...

Your blog has an amazing overview of adbrite...i would like to know whether we can place our google ads on blog...coz im not able to see google ads even though i pasted the code......dont know y....n now im gonna try adbrite for sure...i hope u reply to mah post..thx

Tom said...

Thanks for your post Java Made Easy. Google Ads (AdSense) can easily be placed on a BlogSpot blog - either paste the ad code in an HTML/Javascript widget or use the new AdSense widgets instead.
It does take a couple of days for new ads to display properly (blank space and Public Service Ads before this).

kevin said...

I used adbrite to advertise.
I was not very happy when I got my credit card statement in the mail.
I was charged over 200 dollars when I paused all my adds.
I contacted adbrite about this and they said that my add was still active when I was sure I paused it.
If you advertise on adbrite, and I think it might be in your best interest not to,make sure your adds are paused and I mean double check because they will keep on billing you for your add when you think you have paused them.
I tried to get my money back from adbrite , but they said it was my own problem for not making sure I paused my add.
I'll never use adbrite again!!!!!!!

Julie said...

I've had problems with them. They send me ads that are in no way relevant to my blog. Out of 16 I rejected 14 and the 2 I accepted were still not relevant to the blog, but close enough so I accepted and after several days of the ads not showing up, I emailed them to ask why, it took several days for them to respond and they said just because I accepted them for advertising doesn't mean they accepted me. They also suggested I accept as many ads as I can (even though they aren't relevant??) I just responded back to them to find out if I'm ever going to get a rejection notice or if I just sit in limbo with no response (which I assume will happen). I know it'll be several more days before I get a response, so I have to say, Adbrite is a waste of my time and not user friendly to the publisher at all.

Tom said...

Sorry to hear that you've had problems Julie. First thing to note is that, unlike something like AdSense, AdBrite is non-contextual. That's to say that every publisher gets the same sort of ads and they are not targetted to page content. That's just the way it works and there's nothing you can do to get more relevant ads. Directly purchased ads are a little different. AdBrite will only be offering you these ads if an advertiser has shown an interest in your site. Again, that's not really something AdBrite has control over. Maybe you should be looking at a contextual alternative like Kontera?

Colin said...

Thanks for the info, I've signed up for adbrite, we'll see what happens!

Jacob James said...

Well if AdBrite isn't contextual like you say, wouldn't your clicks per impression be very low. After all people only click on an ad if it is relevant to what they are looking for right??

Tom said...

Partly right.
AdBrite network ads have the same sort of content regardless of the page. A lot of people click expecting something different to what they actually get! Some others just click because the option is there.

Another Ad Network said...

Pogads is giving a good service too :)

Andrew said...

AdBrite has some nice options, like buying directly from the site. It needs work though, it has a lot more cheaters than, say AdSense - and that scares the potential advertisers away.

Nick said...

Adrite is good.
I have also heard of BidVertiser.
I think that it is also a good alternative for Adsense.

Matt said...

There are better alternatives to Adbrite. Adbrite is pretty much what someone who is new to the market uses. It's simple and easy but it's not good for those who want more control. I also know places now banning sites that use Adbrite due to their full page ads.

I recommend Canep Media. Pays as well or better than Adbrite but more flexibility.

If you have a nice site, you can try to get into It's one of the highest paying ad sites on the market. It's one of the ones the Alexa top 1000 sites use.

Adbrite is also listed on SpywareBlaster's blacklist. So if you use SpywareBlaster you will have to manually disable the blocking of Adbrite cookies.

The New Technology said...

I put AdBrite ads on my web before 4 days but the ads are not displaying.
Can someone help me??

Tom said...

Hi The New Technology,

I visited your blogs and can't see AdBrite, so I guess you've decided to ditch it already. What I would say is that your blogs haven't got much content - content is always better for targeting ads. Remember too that AdBrite ads are geotargeted, meaning they might not be visible to everyone in every country at the same time. I would have given AdBrite a bit longer because, as my check proves above, they do pay well with a little perseverence.

On a different matter I would strongly recommend removing the hidden text (white text on white background) from your blogs because it contravenes Google's Webmaster Guidelines. If you think it's hard to make money now, you want to see what it's like when Google deletes you from their index!

ROSHMITH said...

below every post you have option "Submit This Article!"
how this option is set in your blog

Tom said...

Thanks for your question ROSHMITH.

Unfortunately I can't remember exactly how I inserted those social bookmarking buttons.

I think I Googled 'Blogger Social Bookmarking Buttons' and found some articles about it.

I'll have a look around and update this comment if I find out more.

Anonymous said...

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goyal said...

your site is good. i enjoyed it. good information.

horozima said...

Hi Tom,nice post about Adsense alternatives.Adbrite is good and the blog publishers can also look out for other blog friendly monetizing programs like Chitika and Kontera.


Paleri said...

Hi Tom,

When i try to copy and paste the code in to my blog, i am getting the error message that it crosses the maximum charactor limit of 500..can you help me ?

Tom said...


I'm terrible at coding - Blogger is about my limit. If you're struggling with anything other than Blogger I suggest asking for advice on a webmaster forum like DP.

Anonymous said...

thank you for the information.
I dont really figure out why google adsense disabled my adsense account.
now i want to use adbrite to the same site i mean same blog created through google.

can i do this?
is this acceptable to th terms of adbrite and adsense?.
or will google adsense will let it hapen?
if not please suggest me easy way to biuld blogs?

Tom said...

Thanks for your comment Jitendra Gautam.

AdSense has nothing to do with AdBrite, so you don't need to worry about them telling AdBrite your account has been disabled.

You'll find AdBrite a very good alternative to AdSense. If you're using Blogger simply generate some new ad-zones and paste the AdBrite HTML code in a HTML/Javascript widget in the sidebar.

Remember it takes AdBrite a few hours (maybe even a couple of days) to start displaying ads correctly.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Tom for your reply.
I hope your blog will guide me towards good.

Fred said...

r the info.

Google's AdSense pays (me) about ten times what you are recording so I would suggest AdSense first but the word links ar einteresting and might fill a need AdSense does not address.

Anonymous said...

how long does it take adbrite to start showing ads ? Its been 2 days and there are no ads yet though i have approved many .Sometimes an iskin ad ( which i hav approved) appears and then suddenly its gone. can anybody help ?