My Search Funds - Web Users Get Paid to Search

Mar 09 update: Payment received.

My Search Funds* is a scheme whereby web users get paid for completing their normal search engine queries.

It works as follows:
  • Sign up to My Search Funds (all you need is your name and PayPal email address).
  • Install the My Search Funds search bar in your web browser (Firefox and IE are supported).
  • Every time you want to search for something type the query into your My Search Funds search bar and use that.
  • Receive a small payment, typically 3 or 4 pence, for each real search query you make.
Search queries are handled by Google. All you have to do is get into the habit of using the My Search Funds search bar every time you want to look something up.

Search Quality and Fraud Detection:
It's important to stress that My Search Funds is for genuine searches only. If you make excessive or repetitive searches just to increase your earnings then you'll probably be banned and receive nothing.

Their system flags up the following:
  • Multiple searches in quick succession (could be a problem if you're spelling isn't too good).
  • A large number of searches on any particular day (difficult to quantify but more than 30 searches a day is likely to attract closer scrutiny).
  • Automated searches generated by some sort of software.
  • Repeat searches with the same search term.
  • Searches where the results are not acted upon (e.g. not clicked through to another site).
So try and avoid any of these situations by remembering to click through your search results etc.

If you need to make lots of searches in quick succession I would recommend temporarily reverting to the normal Google search box.

User Comments:
I first heard about this over at WebTalk Forums. It sounded interesting so I checked it out further, which led me to the forum where there are a couple of threads all about it. People are making the following general comments over there:

Scatty Student1: "I've had over £30 in two months and am due £35 next time, never had any problems with them, they are one of my favourite sites."

geordie joe: "I've just been paid."

Why oh why: "I have had a payment today for about £21.00 yippeeeeeeeee."

(Note: GBP £1 is equal to about USD $2)

Most people over there seem to be earning around £1 per day for 30 searches, although one person I noticed had made almost £3 from 96 searches in a single day.

It's only fair to tell you that a few people have complained that their earnings have been reduced, but it's hardly surprising that My Search Funds keep a close eye on the authenticity of the searches made. Overall it looks like the majority of users are happy with the system and have received payment.

My Search Funds has a minimum payout of £20. Payment is made 45 days after the last day of the month in which you made at least £20. Sounds complicated but this payment system, known as NET-45, is very common for most online advertising and money making programs. If you don't make it to £20 in a month your balance is carried forward to the next month.

You're probably wondering how My Search Funds make money to pay out to their users. I had a think about this too and the only thing I can think of is that they're monitoring your search engine habits for research purposes. That's nothing to be concerned about because all you give them when you sign up is a name (even a first name would do) and your PayPal email address - you do give any other personal details at all.

Mar 09 update: Payment received. Read more for proof of payment.

Members of My Search Funds receive 10% of their referrals' (called friends) earnings with the program. Unlike most other programs they also have second (friends' friends) and third (friends' friends' friends) referral tiers, which earn 5% and 2.5% respectively.

If you're a regular web user, patient and don't mind having to wait a few months for payment then My Search Funds is the idea money maker for you. Get paid for surfing the web as you would normally - what could be simpler than that?

In the meantime if you'd like to try it yourself please sign up as our referral using the following link: Try My Search Funds Now

*My Search Funds recently rebranded as My Homepages Friends. It still offers the same great revenue potential, but now gets its search results from Yahoo!


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