Coffee at The Marketplace on Neil

Thanks for the guest post by Jonathan Curtis

The Ohio State University's Columbus campus has a ton of different places to go for food and drinks, but none quite like The Marketplace on Neil. Open extremely late every night, The Marketplace offers all of the drink recipes and food choices of larger chain coffee locations, but with the added comfort of a smaller, home-like setting.

Their Vanilla Chai is fantastic, as are the daily specialty drinks that change not only based on the day, but on the time of year, as well. Featured hot coffee drinks make a trip there during the winter worthwhile, and students and customers alike can relax in the building. Comfortable chairs and couches by the large fireplace offer ample space to complete homework, eat a meal, o! r just hang out with friends and classmates.

Though The Marketplace on Neil is located on South Campus, it is important to take the basic steps to protect your home - and yourself - before heading out to grab a quick cup of coffee or snack. Locking doors, setting a ADT ALARM, and using the buddy system are great ways to ensure that treating yourself won't result in a negative outcome. This little coffee shop is a great way to get out of the house or dorm room on a cold night, and gives students the opportunity to change their surroundings without going too far from home.

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