TweetAttacks - Super Boost Your Twitter Followers

TweetAttacks is another product I've been trialling with one of my Twitter accounts.

It is a speedy way of gathering and interacting with huge numbers of Twitter followers, which can then be used to monetise your Twitter feed.

The software, which is very simple to install, can be used to boost your Twitter audience by increasing your followers. It does this by auto-following the followers of different Twitter users, safe in the knowledge most of them will follow you back out of courtesy. The full package also allows you to auto-generate Tweets, post pre-scheduled Tweets and interact with other Twitter users in a human manner.

It comes with regular email support, which gives you the latest insider advice about using Tweet Attacks to the max without falling foul of Twitter rules. After slowly building your Twitter followers by auto-following hundreds or even thousands of different people a day Tweet Attacks cleverly allows you to auto-unfollow everyone not following you. There is also the option of protecting certain VIP followers from being automatically unfollowed, so you don't accidentally remove your most famous celebrity followers by mistake.

Once you have amassed a large audience of loyal followers you can easily monetise your Twitter feed by Tweeting targeted Amazon affiliate links or selling Tweets via Sponsored Tweets etc.

A summary of the key features is given in the video below:

A free trial version of the software is available on the TweetAttacks website even if you don't want to splash out on the full version. Just scroll down to the foot of the page and click on the free download link. Even using the free trial version I've been able to amass several hundred followers in the space of a few days.

Should you wish to harness the full power of TweetAttacks you can also purchase the full or lite versions from the TweetAttacks site.

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