Site Optimisation - Spreading the Word

It is no good having a shiny new Ferrari on your driveway if you don't have any gasoline in the tank. Same goes for websites - it is no good having the best Flash animations, brilliant graphics and interesting content if you have no site visitors. You need to spread the word about your site as soon as you can. You will only attract new visitors, generate advert clicks and earn lots of cash if your site is high in the search engine rankings, has many links pointing to it and stays that way.

Optimise your site by:

1. Getting a domain name:
Very important. If you have to change your host server you will still be easy to find on the web.

2. Submitting to search engines:
Submit your new site to the big three search engines - Google, MSN and Yahoo. Your site will be picked up by MSN pretty quickly - certainly within a few days. Google and Yahoo take slightly longer - sometimes a few weeks. There are many free services offering to submit your site to the search engines - I would avoid these because they attract a lot of spam emails.

3. Submitting to specialist directories:
Let others with an interest in your subject area know about your site by posting the web address in the relevant directories. A list of useful directories can be found HERE. Make sure you post details of your new site in the Open Directory Project ( - they will list you on a giant worldwide directory and submit your site to their hundreds of partner search engines.

4. Sharing your web address electronically:
If you are a member of any web forums make sure you append your web address to your signature. This will instantly place your address on every message you have ever posted on that forum. Email your friends and colleagues with your web address. Change your email settings so that your web address appears in your signature on every future email you send.

5. Sharing your web address manually:
If you have a business card or headed note paper make sure your web address is included. If you advertise in a newspaper, telephone or business directory make sure you include your web address.

6. Additionally, if you keep a blog:
Make sure you keep your blog fresh by regularly adding new articles and images. Be sure to ping Weblogs ( every time you update it so that fellow bloggers can see you've added new content. Keep an eye on your site stats by subscribing to the very good free service offered by StatCounter ( Subscribe to Technorati ( - this will enable fellow subscribers to find and search all your blogs quickly and easily. You may also like to start an RSS feed on your blog - sign up at Anyone who subscribes to your RSS feed can easily see when changes are made and will hopefully revisit your site. It is also a good idea to start a BlogRoll ( - this allows you to add links to your site with a single click, and allows other BlogRollers to easily add you to their site.

Remember - it is very important to keep your site fresh and keep spreading the word.

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