Which Ad Format?

'Ads by Goooogle' come in all shapes and sizes!

One of the main benefits of AdSense is that you have a wide choice of ad formats which you can customise before displaying in your site. You can easily adjust the ad shapes, sizes and colours to suit your target audience and blend into the content of your page.

The ad formats available are shown here: www.google.com/adsense/adformats

Picking the correct formats for your site is a matter of trial and error, but there are a few points you like might to consider:
  • Larger ad formats have more ads to click on and generally a higher click through rate (CTR). However, it is more difficult to blend a larger ad into your site content.
  • Visitors read the content of your site from left to right. Ads which span from left to right, like leaderboards and banners, tend to do better than vertical ads, like skyscrapers and rectangles.
  • Consider using a link unit if you are short of space. These units are small, compact and versatile - they are preferable to having a larger ad format that disappears off the edge of a page!
  • Remember, the maximum numbers of each format you are allowed on any single page are:
    • 1 Link unit
    • 3 Ad units
    • 2 Google search bars
    • 1 Referral button for each product
Remember that these are general rules only. Experiment with different ad formats and see which ones fit your site the best.

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