AdSense Program Policies Revised

A new year heralds a new draft of the AdSense Program Policies. A lot of the rules stay the same but the maximum number of AdSense elements you are allowed to display on each page has changed to the following:

1 Link Unit (unchanged)
3 Ad Units (unchanged)
2 Search Boxes (unchanged)
2 Referral Buttons for each product (new rule)

A quick bit of maths tells you that you can currently display up to 10 referral buttons per page (up to 2 of each AdSense, Firefox, AdWords, Google Pack and Picasa). The rule confirming this can be read here: Referrals Rule and the complete program policies can be seen here: AdSense Program Policies.

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Agent Magenta said...

Thanks for the update, I didn't realise they had updated the policies!