Text Link Ads and AdSense: A Match Made in Heaven

There has been a lot of coverage in the blogosphere recently about the news that Text Link Ads (TLA) are now accepting Blogger hosted blogs into their link-selling program. I wasn't too sure if there was any truth in this rumour when I first heard it a couple of weeks back, but now I've heard it first hand from Patrick Gavin, the TLA President. Until now the only option for Blogger hosted users was to sign up to the affiliate program and try and push new customers towards TLA.

The news that Text Link Ads is accepting Blogger users provides a useful complimentary avenue of monetisation to anyone wanting to cover the costs of their blogging. Importantly, from the view point of AdSense4Dummies, TLA can be incorporated into a site displaying AdSense. TLA works by delivering ads to websites of a similar theme. TLA ads are not contextual - they do not change to reflect the page content in the same way AdSense does, so are not directly in competition with AdSense. The ads attract a flat monthly fee which is dependent on your site traffic, PageRank, Alexa ranking and number of inbound links. They are not pay per click, so the publisher can be confident of receiving payment every month that a TLA ad appears on their site. The rate paid by TLA compares very favourably to most other advertising services. TLA pay by PayPal (or cheque) at the beginning of every month. There really is nothing to lose by signing up for TLA - all you have to do is insert a small piece of code on your site and if someone buys and ad it will be displayed, if they don't the ad space will remain blank.

Unfortunately, despite being winner of the coveted Top Blog award ribbon this week, we haven't got high enough traffic to enjoy Text Link Ads on this site just yet. They do seem to be very choosy about which sites they accept into the program, but that shows their advertisers are receiving a higher quality of exposure. If you've found this article useful and would like to join the TLA experience why not use our referral button and tell them AdSense4Dummies sent you?

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