AdSense Click Mishaps

AdSense click paranoia is sweeping the globe with publishers terrified of accidentally clicking their ads and even, in severe cases, the ads of other publishers. This concern is perhaps understandable with the high number of horror stories about publishers being unduly banned that are circulating the web. In an attempt to quell the unease Inside AdSense recently published an article entitled 'Accidents Happen'. In the article Google attempts to reassure AdSense publishers that their click analysis tools are so well developed they are able to recognise genuinely accidental clicks from something more sinister - and fraudulent. Just like the article title suggests, Google understands that accidents do occasionally happen and there's no need to report them every time. Accidental clicks will still appear in your account stats, but the earnings will be deducted so that advertisers are not left paying for the clumsiness of publishers. Publishers are also reminded that if they're genuinely interested in the destination of one of the ads they are displaying, they should use the preview tool to explore further.

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Google Horror Stories said...

It's so nice that they clarified that for me.. That makes me feel so much better as one who has been royally screwed over by adsense.. What a load of crap..