AdSense Phone - No One Home

As some of you will know, since the beginning of the year Google has been adopting a more 'belt and braces' approach to verifying AdSense publisher information. One of their recent brainchilds is verification of publisher's phone numbers. It's now necessary to confirm your telephone number at the same time as your PIN is released - the magic $50 earnings mark. Your AdSense account (My Account > Payment History) will prompt you to verify your phone number when the time is right. Some publishers have been having trouble verifying so Google have issued to the following advice:
  • Use a touch tone phone.
  • Rotary phones are incompatible.
  • If you have any trouble verifying try switching your phone number.
  • If everything else fails contact AdSense Support via the Help Center.
For more details on the phone verification problems check out Inside AdSense.