AdSense Policy Updates

It only seems like only yesterday that the AdSense TOS were last updated. Back then, in January, Google relaxed their rules on the use of competing ads on AdSense bearing pages. This time, as reported in the most recent entry of Inside AdSense, they are allowing publishers to display up to THREE link units on each page of their site. Link units are a great way of filling those niggling little gaps in your page content.

So, the maximum number of AdSense units per page are now as follows:
  • 3 AdSense for Content units
  • 3 AdSense link units
  • 2 AdSense for Search boxes
  • 2 Referral buttons for EACH referral product
Remember that these are the absolute maximums and cramming your pages full to the brim with AdSense units is likely to alienate your visitors.

There is also greater emphasis on AdSense publishers complying with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. Where will the generosity of the new touchy-feely Google end?

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TerryG said...

I read this with interest. It is a well known fact that your Adsense components return the highest income in the first component listed in the html. Having three of each will detract from the cpc of adsense ad sections so I do not think it is wise to overload with ad component sections on the one site. One ad would be worth six separate ads. Also it should be remembered that having low performing adsense sites with a cpc of less than 3% will lessen the cpc of better performing traffic sites over your whole account.
I would rather see a blog post discussing the merits of adsense and actually how to use it properly.
Having said that I enjoyed the post but we must be aware of two things. One is too many advertisers lessens cpc across the board and two why do people monetize their sites and refuse when visiting other sites to have a click here or there at ads of interest?
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