AdBrite Payment

In my previous review of AdBrite I wrote about what a steady earner it was and how it was a viable alternative to AdSense. Most of my earnings come from free Blogger blogs, proving that AdBrite works well with Blogger too.

What I neglected to do was include any proof of payment. To remedy that I have taken a photo of this month's payment check for $315.03 (click image to enlarge). The check was issued on 2nd September and arrived with me here in the UK on 14th September - quite a reasonable delivery time.

As you can see, AdBrite really can be an effective money maker. My only complaint remains their NET60 payment terms, which means payment isn't made until 60-days after the end of the month where the payout minimum is achieved.

If you're interested in AdBrite I recommend reading my AdBrite review and giving it a go.


ebay auction tool said...

That is an excellent check. It may not seem like much to others for a month of work, but there are those who struggle to even make $100 a month. Keep up the great work.

BM said...

Wow, that's so BIG! Actually me too, I already received my check from AdBrite but NOT that big.