Google Maps With A Twist

Last week I talked about how Google Maps had made its first appearance on the Google homepage. Today they are taking another step forward with Maps by introducing a new feature called My Maps. Just as the name implies My Maps allows you to customise your own Google map using the same drag and drop idea that has made the Blogger interface so popular. You can do usual mappy things like add lines and shapes as well the new Googlesque novelties of being able to embed text, images or video. Best of all you can publish you map on its own URL to share with the rest of the world.

To demonstrate the new system Googlers at Mountain View have been feverishly working away making their own cartographic creations. A photo essay of the Googleplex itself features as one of the published examples. Why not hop across to Maps and see what's new for yourself? For further details visit the Google Blog.

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Please help me learning maps.