Google Maps Meet Search Engine

Behold the power of Google Maps.

Two of Google's best services are making a collaborative effort for the first time this week. It is now possible to search Google Maps directly from the Google Search Engine. For anyone who hasn't used Maps, where have you been for the last 3 years? You've been missing out on a treat. Maps brings together state of the art cartography and aerial photography to produce the most comprehensive global map available online. The system also has an integrated journey planner and allows you to flick to a hybrid mode where you can see place names as you scroll over the aerial photograph. The above aerial photograph of the Pentagon highlights how powerful a tool Maps is. If you haven't been already go and have a play with Maps now!


Garry Conn said...

Google Maps is totally amazing! I love the hybrid feature where it combines traditional maps with satellite imagery.

Tom said...

Thanks for comment Garry. Maps is much better than Windows Live Maps. What do you know? - MS has just released a new cheap and nasty imitation of Google Earth too. Keep sending hits my way!