AdSense Goes Mobile

Great news for AdWords advertisers that they are now able to deliver their ads to an even wider audience browsing the web on their mobile phones. Of course the new AdSense for mobile service will be of benefit to any AdSense publishers displaying ads on mobile-optimised sites too. The new service uses the same targeting technology that the conventional AdSense uses.

To implement AdSense for mobile ads you need to do the following:
  • Sign in to your AdSense account.
  • Select the 'AdSense Setup' tab and click 'AdSense for mobile'.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions.
Publishers are currently allowed only one AdSense for mobile unit on each site. Also, don't forget to include the URLs where you are displaying AdSense for mobile ads in your list of allowed sites.

Get more on this story by visiting the official blog, Inside AdSense.


Donald Mckenzie Jr said...

That is just crazy. I really didn't think adsense type ads would be as effective on phones as they are on computers.

prdp said...

why is that , there is no google adsense ad on ur site ,
i am new to this
i have a a blog about adsense. let me know your opinion bout it

Tom said...

Thanks for your comment prdp and what a good question.

The answer should be obvious to most - having a site called AdSense4Dummies and then loading it with AdSense ads is a conflict of interest. For understandable reasons (like it draws attention to the ads) Google do not appreciate people using their AdSense trademark on sites about AdSense. I recommend you consider this yourself!

In the AdSense TOS small print there is a clause that allows Google to ban any AdSense publisher for any reason. Why give them a reason?