Enhanced AdSense Security - Allowed Sites

Google has just announced another weapon in the war against AdSense fraudsters - a list of allowed sites. Each publisher will have the ability to register the URLs of sites displaying their AdSense ads. Only earnings from those listed sites will be credited to the publisher's account, giving them piece of mind that they won't be penalised if their code is used in an unauthorised manner.

For some time there has been concern that unscrupulous webmasters (or troublemakers in general) could steal the information of their rivals' AdSense accounts, use it for illicit purposes and potentially have their rivals penalised, through no fault of their own, for violation of the AdSense TOS.

To register your own allowed sites just click the 'Allowed Sites' link under your 'AdSense Setup' in your account. This great new feature should seek to reassure AdSense publishers that Google are taking seriously their concerns about account security. Read the full story at Inside AdSense.

Don't forget to update your list of allowed sites today.

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