The GPhone Cometh

Like a bolt from the blue and after months of speculation (Engadget, TechCrunch et al) it appears that Google is poised to release its very own mobile handset. The GPhone will come ready equipped with the corporation's VOIP system, Google Talk, allowing users to make very cheap (maybe free) voice calls over the web. It is believed the handset, complete with iPhone-like touch screen technology, will retail around the $100 mark when it is released in the US later this month.

Google also recently expressed interest in placing a $4.6 billion bid for a licence for part of the US airwaves - an asset that could be used to roll out a wireless broadband internet network. Stay tuned to the Official Google Blog for the latest GPhone developments.


Sohan said...

I thought the Google phone was going to be free!

Tom said...

Apparently not Sohan, no.
Thanks for dropping by.