- Contextual eBay Ads

eBay auctions direct from your blog.

Two giants in the world of blogging and online advertising, MediaWhiz and ShoeMoney Media, have teamed up together to launch a brand new advertising service called AuctionAds. AuctionAds publishers insert a small piece of HTML into their blog template and receive targeted eBay ads in exactly the same way as they would other PPC advertisements. When a visitor clicks your AuctionAds unit they are taken to a search results page that lists all the eBay auctions relevant to keywords in your page content.

Publishers receive a small cut of the sale price when one of their referrals makes an eBay purchase. AuctionAds are coy about how much the payment actually is and I guess only time will tell how popular their rates are in comparison to other services. Payment is made on a weekly basis by PayPal, with the very modest minimum payout rate of USD $10. The ads, which are currently displayed in English only, are geotargeted to match the visitor's country of origin. Publishers are allowed to display as many ads on their site as they like and there is no clash with the AdSense TOS.

To find out a little more about AuctionAds go visit their website.