SponsoredReviews is Officially Launched

SponsoredReviews - the new kid on the block.

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You might remember a few days ago I discussed the imminent launch of a new paid to post service called SponsoredReviews. They are now sending out their first offers to publishers, which is why I'm writing to tell you more about the service now. I did consider just linking to my previous post but that would be a bit sneaky! I'm sure you're all familiar with the concept of paid to post services - namely, an advertiser pays bloggers to write in a 'natural' way about their product or service so that they can acquire some organic links, surrounded by relevant content and hopefully get a few hits into the bargain. Traffic isn't the main consideration - it's more of an attempt to increase link popularity and search engine standing, so opportunities exist for small scale hobby bloggers as well as full-time blogging professionals.

There are a few key details that make SponsoredReviews stand out from the crowd. The 65% revenue share that the blogger receives is obviously an appealing proposition for some, but the biggest novelty is that bloggers can look for advertisers in their niche and negotiate directly. This 'cutting out of the middleman' should mean that bloggers can earn by writing reviews that are closely matched to their blog content and don't detract from their usual style. Another useful thing about SponsoredReviews is that your account and blogs are approved (or not) almost immediately - there isn't any of the waiting associated with existing paid to posts. Each blog receives a guideline price based on Link popularity, Alexa rank and Technorati rank, but the blogger is free to set their own pricing if they so wish. Reviews can attract payment of up to $1000 ($650 publisher share) but a price even higher than that may be offered for exceptionally popular blogs. As with all the good paid to post services disclosure is compulsory and reviews can be written in an honest way without fear of reprisals.

I'm still a very new publisher with SponsoredReviews but I'm so far impressed by the simplicity of the approval process, good payment rates and being able to deal directly with advertisers. So far, so good but you can be sure I'll give you an update in a few months time!