Google Checkout - A New Referral

There's a brand new referral product available to AdSense publishers - Google Checkout. Checkout, which I mentioned briefly before in relation to the appearance of shopping carts on AdSense for content units, is heralded as a faster, safer and more convenient way to shop online. Anyone unfamiliar with Checkout can sign up and test drive it them self, gaining a $10 welcome bonus in the process. The payment system is gradually creeping into online stores as an alternative to PayPal, although it will have to make mammoth inroads to topple eBay's dominance in the market.

The bottom line for AdSense publishers is that for every visitor you refer to Checkout who makes a $10+ purchase within 90 days you get a $1 referral bonus - kind of like Firefox with Google toolbar, but with more of a wait for your cash! Note that Checkout referrals are currently open to US publishers only.

Recall that AdSense rules allow a publisher to display a maximum of 2 referral buttons per referral product on each page of their site, meaning you could now display 10 buttons total per page (not recommended, because it'll look like a Japanese Admiral's medal ribbons).

For more news on Checkout referrals visit the official Google blog, Inside AdSense.

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